Very warm knitted dress. Description, schemes

Very warm knitted dress. Description, schemes

This warm dress, knitted with knitting needles, will warm you in the winter cold in the office or at school, and if you tie it in white it will be very elegant.

Size: 50

Materials: 1100 g of gray yarn (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 220 m / 100 g), circular knitting needles No. 4 and 1 pair of extra spokes.

Rubber 3 on 3: front rows – alternately 3 facial loops, 3 purl loops. Wrinkle the rows in the figure.

Facial smoothness: facial rows – facial loops, purl rows – purl loops.

“Scythe”: knit by the scheme 1. The diagram shows the front rows, purl on the drawing. In height, repeat from the 1st to the 4th rows.

Note. Dress knit one sheet in circular rows. At the beginning of knitting, mark the lines of the side seams, thereby dividing the canvas on the front and back.

Performance of work: dial 258 n. And knit 10 cm in circular rows of rubber band 3 by 3. Continue knitting with facial smoothness and braids. To do this, transfer the 39 central loops to the front surface. Pattern “braids” according to scheme 1 to perform before and after the central loops. On the back in the same way, the pattern according to Scheme 1 is performed before and after the 36 central facial loops of the backrest. The front part is knit straight, and on the back of the center of the backrest in each 4-th facial row, decrease 18 times 2 p. Simultaneously, from the outer side of the braid in each 4th facial row, add 18 times to 1 p. The middle part of the back is narrowed to 3 loops, knit to continue and on both sides of the middle part, add 10 times in each 3rd row in each 3rd row. At a height of 50 cm from the set for narrowing in the center, transfer in each 4th facial row 18 times 1 at a height of 77 cm from the dial-up for the formation of an armhole at the places of marks on both sides to close at 6 points and both parts rodolzhit knit separately. Knit to put aside.

For a sleeve, type 66 pcs and knit 6 cm with a rubber band 3 by 3. As on the back and front, the middle part of the hose of 3 face hinges is selected by the pattern of the braid according to the scheme 1. To expand the middle part of the sleeve on both sides in each 2-nd facial row add 23 times to 1 pt. At an altitude of 12 cm from the set of rows before and after braiding in each 3rd row of the front, close 23 times 1 pt. The braid pattern loops in this way will move to the front and the end of knitting the sleeve. With further knitting, the pattern loops will be used as raglan lines. At a height of 40 cm from the set of rows on both sides to close 3 p. The second sleeve knit symmetrically to the first. Loops translate into the main spokes in the sequence: sleeve, back, sleeve, front. To form raglan in each facial row before and after the pattern of the braid, close 30 times 1 pt. At a height of 100 cm from the set of the loop, close the loop. To decorate the neckline from the edge loops, dial the loops and knit 24 cm with an elastic band 3 by 3. Run the seam of the collar. Bind the strips to 6 sts with a facial smoothness of at least 300 cm. Strip the strips in the middle of the transmission, the back and the sleeves, looking at the schematic image in Fig. 1 and a photo.